Excursions in Rovinj

Spend your afternoon visiting Rovinj islands like St. Andrews island, or so called Red island, the Islands of two sisters, St. Catherines island, the island of St. John and many others.
Make yourself comfortable and take a sea tour of Rovinj, sail into the Lim bay that used to be a riverbed but today is one of the main atractions in Rovinj which, due to the movie "Vikings", is even called a fjord. You like to observe the magic of the seabed but from a dry place? Then a glass boat is what you are looking for. Tour throughout Rovinj and simultaneously study the wildlife behind glassed floor.
You shouldn't surely miss the visit to the Brijuni nacional park where Tito resided, visit the zoo park and meet some atractive species like zebras and elephants. If you will have any time left you can play a praty of golf on the new golf course.
Book a trip to Venice in one of many agencies or sail to Venice with a liner. Make it a one day trip which the whole family will remember.
If you are the adventurous type, on Rovinj's waterfront search fir a boat that will take you to your seaside adventure. Try your hand at sport fishing, spend a day with fishing craftsmen and discover what kind of life leads a fishermen in Rovinj.

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