Sights in the Old Town

The city od Rovinj was an island until 1763. It was protected by strong stone walls and had seven gates. There are many important sights in the Old Town core and that is the main reason why it was pronounced a monument of culture in 1963.

City Palace

One of them surely is the city Palace with the old City Hall, which is nowdays the seat of city major and entire city administration. Once upon a time it was a Praetorian Palace whose foundations date back to the 1308. On the upper floor was the City Council Hall with the offices and archive rooms, while on the ground floor was reserved for the prison.

The Town Clock

The second sight you don't want to miss is surely the Town Clock that is located on the main city square. It was built in 17th century and used to represent the tower on the south corner of the town walls. Below the tower there was the priso for minor offenders.

The Balbi's arch

The Balbi's arch is also located near the main city square. It was built during the time of mayor Daniel Balbi on the place where the main gate, which was pulled down in 1678/79, used to be.

Antonio Gandusio Theatre

The Antonio Gandusio Theater was built by one of the city mayors, Nicolo de Califfi, in the late 19th century. The mayor draw the blue prints and the theatre was completed, according to his vision in 1854. The theater was named after a famous Italian actor, Antonio Gandusio, born in Rovinj in 1873.

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