Rovinj islands and coastal area

In the Rovinj archipelago there are 22 islands, islets and reefs. The most famous surely are the St. Andrew island, known as the Red island and the island of St. Catherine. They are also the biggest and the only populated islands during the summer period.

The St. Andrew's island was in the property of lord Hütterot and was ment to be a part of the climate resort Cap Aureo. Like in the forest park Golden Cape, here were also planted various Mediterranean and exotic species.

The island of St. Catherine was also bought by one noble, count Milewski, who, tired of his turbulent living sought peace on this Rovinj island. His dream was similar to the dream of lord Hutterott. He wanted to build his heaven on earth and planned to transform the island into an glamourous tourist location.

Thanks to a certain rivalry between him and lord Hütterot Rovinj is now a beautiful tourist resort with one of the most beautiful wooded environments. Eventhough, count Milewski did not plan to share the island with the residents of Rovinj, today you can visit both islands with a liner. However if you decide to visit other islands in the Rovinj archipelago, you will have to do it with your own boat, private or rental.

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