Golden Cape forest park

The Golden Cape forest park is not just a place where citizens of Rovinj and the tourists spend their afternoon doing many various activities, but it's also a home for thousands indigenos and naturalized plant species. There are many species that have been brought to the Golden Cape forest park from various parts of the world and their purpose is to bring a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The Golden Cape forest park was founded between 1890. and 1910. Count Georg Huetteroth both the agricultural landscape surrounding Rovinj from local farmers and his intention was to create a cliamtic spa center Cap Aureo which was to become an exclusive resort.

Unfortunately, Count Huetteroth died in 1910. and the project was left unfinished, until a few years ago when the forest park has been renovated and a gravel way was made all long the park which is suitable for long walks. There are many beaches in the Gloden Cape forest park and thanks to the trees there is a lot of shade. At the Montaura Cape rock climbing courses are held and at the main gate of the park there is a forester's lodge where bikes are avaiable for rent.

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