Archeological sight Monkodonja

About 5 km southeast of the city of Rovinj is located an archeological finding that has been discovered in 1953. The first research was performed from 1953.-55. and from 1997. a partial reconstruction of the architecture has been carried out.

Given the research it was found out that Monkodonja was a settlement, surrounded by massive dry-stone walls, located on the flattened top and wide terraces which incurred with the extraction of stone blocks that were used for construction. It was inhabited in the period between the 2000. and 1200. years before Christ.

Monkodonja is located on a hill surrounded with fertile ground. The settlement was surrounded by strong walls, and according to the studies there were two entries, western and northern. Not far from the main road to the northern gate is 50 meters deep cave. The settlement was surrounded by a defensive wall, 3 m wide and high and about 1 km long, that was built in a drywall technique.

The total population reached about 1000 people. One the highest part of the settlement was located the Acropolis, below that there was the upper city, and even below the lower city. The houses differed with their position, size and building technique and were separated with streets and passages. Each house had a fire place and near them were found numerous fragments of ceramic pots originated in local workshops, but there were also many pots from the places in the eastern Mediterranean.

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