The Lim bay

The Lim Bay is considered to be one of the most beautiful landscapes in Istria. The channel itself is 10 km long and has steep cliffs on both sides. It is a part of the Lim Valley that reaches as far as Pazin to the center of Istria.
The Lim bay originated few million years, during the Miocene. At the time the river flowed on that area, but then the sea level raised, the sea floated the river. When the rain stopped the river dried up and the estuary has become a channel.
The name Lim probably derives from the Latin word “limes”, which means border, and at the time the Lim bay was the border between the Pula and Poreč ager (today between Rovinj and Vrsar ).
According to the way the Lim Bay originated, it surely is not a fjord but many people call it the Lim Fjord. The reason for that is the movie ”Vikings” with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis that was shot there in 1958. In that movie the Lim Bay was supposed to be a fjord, and after that the name Lim Fjord was and still is used in commercial purposes.

Romualdo Cave

On one cliff of the Lim Bay there is a cave called “Romualdo’s cave” a Paleolithic site and an interesting speleological object with cave decorations. Romualdo’s cave is a speleological phenomenon because it has drawings only on the left side of the cave. The inside of the cave has a pleasant 14-17 degrees and it inhabits a large colony of bats. The entrance to the cave is closed and the visit is possible only with a guide.
The Romualdo Cave is not the only cave on the cliffs of the Lim bay. There is also a Pirates cave that can be approached only from the sea. It is believed that pirates used to hide there.
The sea and seabed, as well as the landscape of Lim Bay, is now a protected nature reserve. The sea in the Lim channel is very clean, which favors the cultivation of shellfish, fish spawning, and of course - swimming. In the Lim Bay fish is bred, and it is particularly famous for the cultivation of mussels and oysters.

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