Rovinj today

Facts about Rovinj

The city of Rovinj is located on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula. With a population of aproximately 15 000 it is considered a midium sized Istraian town. It covers an area of 430 sq km. There are many things that make this town unique. There are 16 islands, islets and reefs in the Rovnj archipelago and it's shoreline is 67 kilometers long.

Rovinj climate

The city of Rovinj, which was once an important seaport and a town of fishermen and sailors, is today one of the top destinations on the Mediterranean. Many people from all over the globe decide to spend their holidays in the summer period, but, more and more guests visit Rovinj in the winter period due to the mild climate and favorable weather conditions that have a positive unfluence on health, that also known as medical turism.

Because of it's location, Rovinj has a great klimate, mild winters and warm summers. The sea temperatures in the winter period usually range between 9-11 degrees Celsius. Average summer sea temeprature is 23 degrees Celsius. During the summer period the most usual wind is maestral, a mild summer breeze that blows from the sea towards the land. The klimate is surely one of the reasons for developing Rovinj tourism but we will let you find out other reasons yourself.

Tourism in Rovinj

Today the main activity in Rovinj is certainly catering and this is why every year more and more restaurants, cafes, clubs and other entertainment facilities are opened. Rovinj is increasingly turning to luxury tourism and because of that there are many hotels with 5 stars (Hotel Monte Mulini, hotel Lone...). Among the hotels there are more and more private accommodations such as apartments, rooms, holiday houses and villas. To keep up with other top destinations on the Mediterranean, during the summer season there are many events, festivals and concerts in the city of Rovinj performed by some of the most famous world names. It does not matter wheter you are in Rovinj for the first time or you have already been here, Rovinj will not disappoint you, on the contrary, it's beauty and spirit as well as new events will surprise you every time.

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