The Palud swamp

In the Palud bay, about 8 km southwest of Rovinj, is located the only special ornithological reserve in Istra. Since the hunters are not allowed to hunt in that area, there are also a lot of pheasants, partridges and quails. Experienced ornithologists there will find various types of wild ducks, water-hens, grebes and common snipes, woodpeckers, tawny pipits and many more bird species. When the swamp and the sea merged, Palud gained some new residents, such as mullets and eels, and other fish that prefer brackish water.

In the year 1906., while the Austro-Hungarian military base acted in Barbariga, a channel long 200 m was dug from the swamp to the sea in order to increase the salinity and thus prevent the development of mosquito larvae that were carriers of malaria.
In that area there are also a few bike trails withs a total lenght of 3km. The paths are made of small gravel wich makes them great for both riding a bike and taking long walks. Palud is located near some of the most beautiful Rovinj beaches, so you can make a visit to palud a one-day trip.

The Palud swamp is open for tours, which can be done individually or in groups, and if want to observe birds t is possible to rent the equipment. One interesting thing that proves the variety of Palud swamp species is the fact that there was spotted a flamingo bird.

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