Gastronomical offer

Gastronomical offer

You like to enjoy the food and various flavors of the Mediterranean? You want to find out where in Rovinj you can drink the best coffee? You just want to know where you can find a cheap restaurant in Rovinj, or what are the best Istrian specialties and where you can find it? Our Gastro site is then made for you, click on this link and find out more information about the gastronomic offer in Rovinj. Find a restaurant where you will taste the real Istrian specialties, like the Istrian prosciutto and goat cheese, or try the seafood from the depths of the Rovinj archipelago. Spice up your dinner with fine Istrian olive oil and high quality Istrian wine.


Restaurants in Rovinj

The town of Rovinj offers a variety of gastronomic specialties. Click on this link and you'll find a list of different restaurants in Rovinj. You can spend summer evenings dining on the terrace of luxury restaurants watching the sunset. On our website you can find restaurants that are offering superb seafood specialties and many more restaurants, according to your taste.

Caffe bars

Caffe bars in Rovinj

There is nothing better than sipping your morning coffee on the Rovinj waterfront surrounded by fishing boats, which, after a long night return to port accompanied with the cry of seagulls. Prepare yourself for your holidays and find on our site a coffee bar in Rovinj that you like.

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